We set out to illuminate how much care and detail is brought to each and every Surface device – to show just what makes a Surface a Surface – by demonstrating how with Microsoft Surface, the technology disappears so nothing comes between you and your ideas.

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Surface Line Craftsmanship Video

When it comes to ideas, there’s no wrong answer – that’s what the team behind the Surface family of products truly believes. Through a combination of voiceover and authentic behind-the-scenes footage showing exactly how these Surface devices are made, we told a story that is as much about engineering marvels as it is human intuition and a group of product makers who understand the power of simplicity.


Surface Ergonomic Keyboard Video.

We introduced the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard with Alcantara® palm rest as a design story told through the lens of comfort. Its inspiration comes from the high quality things with which we surround ourselves – art, literature, nature – the items that bring us the most comfort.

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